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Church in Ajax
Churches in Ajax
Welcome to Church Of The Living God website. We are pleased that you have visited us today. Feel free to browse through the site and make yourself at home. See how you can be a part of what God is doing at the church by visiting our events page. Watch our online video broadcasts and please don't hesitate to contact us or visit us throughout the week.
About Us Ministering the changeless Christ in a changing world since 1945 Ajax Baptist Church has served as a vital part of your community since 1945, before the town was incorporated. For over six decades, we have seen many of the changes in both our community and the world at large. As life in the 21st Century grows increasingly hectic with technological breakthroughs and resultant new et
Dr. Samuel Donkor (Snr Pastor, ANFGC) Life presents positive and negative experiences; we rejoice in one and are saddened in others. In other words, some experiences make us happy while others make us sad. However, 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us that we have the power to turn every experi ence into a positive one. If you re wondering how; the answer is simple. By giving thanks, The power of tha
Church in Ajax
Church in Ajax
Welcome to the web site for Ajax Alliance Church. Our services consist of singing God-centred hymns and choruses, the reading of Scripture, prayer, and the opening of the Word of God, verse by verse, through clear explanatory preaching. While this type of preaching is rare today, we believe in the power and relevance of God's Word, and that the Holy Spirit uses this means to apply the Word t
Church in Ajax
To some it is. To others, the Church is an irrelevant, archaic, prudish institution that stands in judgment of everyone and everything. What is your picture of Church? How was it shaped? Is the Church that Jesus started 2000 years ago a blight on society or a blessing? As we study history, it is clear that Jesus intended His Church to be relevant, influential and the true answer to mankind s probl
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