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What is Endodontics?Endodontics - inside (endo) the tooth (dontia). The dental pulp is the tissue (composed of nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues) contained within the tooth. It functions in the development of the tooth (the crown and roots) and it continues to provide nourishment, and sensory response throughout life. The specialty of Endodontics is devoted to the biology, physiology, patho
Dental Care Center in Ajax
Together with leading edge technology and our responsive, attentive assistants, you can always expect gentle and effective treatment from a whole group of caring professionals. We re accepting new patients too you can schedule an examination appointment with our office simply by calling our main number. Give us a call our friendly staff will take time to answer all of your questions
Singer Dental located in Ajax,ON here to provide you the best dental care services in a relaxing and comfortable environment with a team of highly qualified peoples.