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What can I do on this Business Platform?

1. Register Free - First Search if your company is already listed. details below.

2. Search for Products & Services to manage your Business & Life 

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1) First Register - Registration is simple but to learn how, go to "HOW TO" MENU button or Click here -  To Register Now Click Here

2) Next create a business listing or LINK (Submit a LINK)     To submit a Link click here (you must be logged in)

3) Next Submit Articles or Videos (Only after submitting a LINK.)

    *Submit an Article click here  (must be logged in)

    *Submit a video click here  (Can only upload a video link from youtube)

To begin register an account. The login button is at the center near the top menu on the home page. The next item on the agenda is to create what is commonly known as a business listing. We call it a business link or LINK for short. The business link is like a central hub and all the other business promotional items such as videos, miniwebsite, articles and banners are integrally linked to it.  So the LINK most be create first. Before you can access your account you must first login using the same password and username you created in the registration process.


To submit a Business LINK go to the Home page of the directory and place your mouse over the “submit info” button. On the drop down list click the “Submit Link” button. Complete the LINK form it is easy to complete but you must consider the keywords that best describes your business and use them in your Title and Description. The best title includes a combination of your company name and a keyword representing your main goods or service. Select the most appropriate category and subcategory that best describes your business.


Be sure to enter your business website URL using the http://www/. Once you have submitted your link an administrator will be alert by an automated email to review and approve you link. To maintain the high standards of our directory we must review and approve all items placed on the directory. However you can login, view and modify your link any time by going to “My Items” menu and clicking “My Link”. If you need any help try the blue help button top right.